How LEGO created a social network for kids that isn’t creepy

Posted on: 27th July 2017 LEGO Social Media
LEGO Life have managed to create an app-based social network aimed primarily at children under 13. This innovative idea and design came from researching how children share their creations in the LEGO magazine.

The app follows the usual social media set up in respects to having profiles, newsfeeds and a like/comment feature. However, a closer looks unravels a carefully constructed design that has safety in mind.

The signup process is only achieved for the target audience with a parent’s permission, which is gained through verification from their separate email address. LEGO also assigns new participants a username and with no profile pictures allowed, anonymity is kept secure.

The newsfeed itself is mainly filled with content from LEGO itself — including LEGO Batman! In partnership with a content moderation company, LEGO are able to ensure every image that is uploaded is screened and anything that may show someone’s identity is scrapped.

Another creative idea can be seen in the comments. No words or text can be added, instead LEGO has handpicked emojis — all using that familiar yellow head obviously

What we can take from LEGO Life? It is possible to create safe social spaces for young children. This gives parents peace of mind and paves the way for alleviating adults’ concerns about what children are exposed to online.

A big yellow thumbs up for LEGO.

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