Who cuts best?

Posted on: 27th January 2017 Navada
As our Newcastle office is slap bang in the middle of the city’s Chinatown neighbourhood, we thought we’d get into the spirit of things with a traditional Chinese papercutting challenge.

The art of paper-cutting in China dates back centuries, and symbolises luck and happiness, which is never a bad thing. So, armed with the office stash of scissors, and print-out of  each of our own Chinese birth-year animals, we set about recreating our lucky beasts as-best we could. So how did we do?

Lucy decided drawing hers first was the best course of action. Meanwhile, the rest of the team went freestyling. The concentration on the office was palpable. Some concern was expressed that the clumsiest member of the team – Rich – shouldn’t be allowed scissors however he managed to complete his with his Goat without causing injury to himself while bemoaning that “the horn looks a bit sh*t, but nevermind, at least I didn’t chop his head off”.


Matt Briggs

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