The Merc with a mouth gets his sequel!

Posted on: 18th April 2016 Film Marketing
More of the same from the Deadpool marketing team please.

Good news, Deadpool 2 has been confirmed!

Crucially though, as well as the cast, crew & director Tim Miller, who were all pivotal to the film’s success, the marketing team should also be back.

Deadpool’s marketing was ingenious when it came to promoting the film and gave us tonnes of content to get us hyped about the film, almost being given free reign in how to go about it. Deadpool’s ‘R’ rating & the characters outrageous sense of humour allowed this but they had to be clever when portraying this to the mass market. Using the character, the marketing team waged a relentless marketing siege of every platform you could think of. Billboards bearing poop emoji. Ryan Reynolds massaging Conan O’Brien with panda tears, an email newsletter & even a Tinder profile, to name a few.

They went old school with a couple of billboard campaigns…


The sheer variety of different billboard designs was ridiculous, from the outrageously funny, to clever designs such as advertising it as a Romantic Comedy film, to tie in with the release date being on Valentines weekend…


A page of the movie’s script was “leaked”, which was annotated by Deadpool…

Risqué methods were also used, with sexually suggestive imagery…


The campaign even spread to smartphones where you were able to download a whole set of Deadpool emojis.


They even sent out an email newsletter as part of the ‘Twelve days of Deadpool’…

With the Deadpool character and film being set in the same cinematic universe as the X-Men series, Hugh Jackman got in on the campaign, posing as Wolverine & jokingly trading digs with Ryan Reynolds and his character.


The best weapon in the Deadpool marketing team’s utility belt was, without doubt, Ryan Reynolds. Where does Ryan Reynolds end and Deadpool begin? Reynolds has been a one-man wrecking ball of promotional material, and showed no sign of slowing down. Since his casting as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he played a very watered down version that wasn’t faithful to the source material (blame the script), fans were pleading for a solo film featuring Reynolds and from the beginning he has been completely invested in the character, which is a huge reason as to why the marketing campaign and film itself was so successful.



The first film to date has made just over $750 million and in Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe is the highest grossing film. This may have swayed plans for future films with Deadpool being considered to make appearances in other ‘X’ films & with the success of Deadpool, with it’s R certificate, it may also sway more superhero films to go down that route. The worry is that the higher rated certificate will cancel out a large part of the audience, but as it has been shown… As long as the film is good, it won’t hold back on making big money amongst an older audience.

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