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Cyber-security specialist, Chris Bates “People are consumers but also producers.”

Privacy in Social Media. It’s a topic that often features negatively across the news but is there a way to flip it for a positive spin?

Telecommunications and Cyber Security specialist, Chris Bates, addresses the idea of why networks, businesses, and platforms should turn their focus on Micro-Influencers in order to create further reach with products or campaigns.

BBC Three Controller, Fiona Campbell “You’ve got to skill yourself up – learn the basics.”

How easy is it to get into the media industry?

BBC Three Controller, Fiona Campbell, shares her insight on the different skills you will need if you’re thinking of working within the media industry. She also explains how short-form content has changed the way we consume video content and the importance it has had when the channel uses it to pilot shows.

Filmed at the Belfast Media Festival 2019

WATCH: How Disney Will Alter The Future Of Streaming Services

By late 2019, Disney has promised to launch its own online streaming service, further complicating the options for viewers who just want to watch their favorite films and TV online. The competition between streaming services has been great for consumers, so far. Outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Shudder, and Filmstruck have been ramping up content and giving us a lot for very little money, but they have the power to take it away too (password lockdowns, pull content). As corporate consolidation heats up, that deal may get a lot worse -- and fast.