A new hyperlocal mobile TV model with personalisation at the heart of things…

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Communities are changing, media is changing, life is changing.

Things have changed a lot in the last few years – for people, businesses, broadcasters – we have a lot of technology to distract us from life, but we believe it should enhance life, encourage us to connect to people face to face, experience our communities, go out and do.

Vadoo is at the heart of trying to adapt to that change. It learns about you – from what you tell it and what you do. It will provide experiences and content for you. It learns who your with. It will listen out for what you watch.

Vadoo is hyperlocal. It connects to your community. People are moving all the time – communities fracture. We want Vadoo to connect to your local community, what’s on, where to go, who’s about. It will help local news and broadcasters connect relevant information. Our communities aren’t just geo-graphic – it can learn where your from, where you’ve lived or where you go – to always connect you to communities that matter to you.

It’s hyper-personal. Vadoo learns about you, it figures out what’s important to you. Personalisation is key – it’s up to you how personal you allow it to be, but the aim for this to work hard to give you great experiences. With family, with friends or on your own. It’s about you and your life.

Vadoo is hyper-relevant. There is so much content in the world – so many channels to connect to – and it can be hard sometimes to filter through it all to find out what’s relevant. Vadoo will do that for you. It understands your content requirements – it learns what you like – what your content streams are to find what is relevant.

All this will help brands and businesses provide more relevant experiences, offers and content for you. It is a powerful data tool – listening and learning, but it’s private. The data is important for getting people relevant content and experiences, but it’s paramount that you as an individual are protected. It’s not about bombarding you with information – it’s about getting you to things that matter to you – so you are in charge of powering your life.

Who should care?

Owners of PSB licences for local Television, central broadcasters, media publishers and content aggregators who need to move into mobile TV and the inherent value of life around us.