Road Respect

1.1 million views in 72 hours…

Social Media Technology

Behavioural change through social engagement.

Navada is the digital partner for the Road Respect Campaign in the North of England. Focused on changing behaviour with regard to reckless driving, drink and drugs, road deaths and accidents in the region.

Digital Communications is a powerful tool to engage with even the most challenging areas, and in road safety, there is one of the hardest mindsets to change.

It is difficult to change a behaviour that you’re used to, but behind the wheel, behaviour can escalate from stupidity to death. With these digital campaigns, we reach our target audiences in controversial but engaging ways to ultimately save a life on the road.

With our latest campaign, #TheresNoNeed, we delivered video content across the digital and social channels to achieve an outstanding reach of over 1 million people in 72 hours and a total of 1.1 million views across all videos for the campaign.

With the support of 3rd party organisations and the media, the key message was delivered across social media within hours of the campaign going live.

Who should care?

Organisations who want to break the barriers to changing behaviours can achieve it through clever highly targeted digital marketing, content and influencer marketing techniques and through high impact immersive experiences.