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Discover the world, discover new cultures and discover yourself…

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For those who want adventure and self-discovery.

Intrepedia is our adventure channel for people across the globe who want to explore the world, explore cultures and go on their own journey’s of self-discovery.

Led by our brilliant content creators and producers we are taking people on all kinds of adventures. From paddle-boarding in Sweden to kickboxing in Thailand, from tracking across Australia to embedding ourselves in Native American, African and Asian cultures.

Sarah Begum is a broadcaster, anthropologist and explorer who has travelled the world to give us insights on culture and socio-political truths no matter how challenging or raw, we see the world through her eyes and those characters in her amazing adventure stories.

Tarran Kent-Hume is an adventure athlete who stops at nothing to challenge himself physically, mentally and to throw a spotlight on whats possible in every human being.

But this world is yours to explore. We want to tell thousands of stories that educate, inspire and motivate people to get involved, to challenge themselves, their understanding and their views of the world.

Intrepedia is not a TV channel, its a digital media channel and its a two-way street for us all to tell each other about our adventures and share our stories.

Take it. Run with it. Tell us how you get on…

Ultram Tramadol Online - Tramadol Fedex Visa

Brands and publishers looking for powerful personalities who tell amazing stories from around the globe.

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