New bite-size media channel funnels hundreds of voices directly from the streets of major cities.

CityLeadrs is a new channel from Navada Studios working with one of the UK’s brightest young citizen-journalists Ahmed Faid.

Ahmed has reached out to hundreds of people in major cities across Europe giving them the opportunity to get their opinions and voices heard on major themes such as the US elections, the rise of ISIS and terrorism, immigration, Islamaphobia and other top level themes on society.

With CityLeadrs we can cover ground extremely fast, we have not only conducted hundreds of street interviews but also produced debates, Q&As, new digital formats and live breaking news content from the street such as during the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London.

With CityLeadrs we:

  • Give a voice to the public
  • Garner live public opinion
  • Cover a wide range of current affairs
  • Inspire debate

We want to inspire action and change, allowing people to become part of the story, widely distributed online instantly.

Since June 2017 CityLeadrs has…

Reached 10 million people online

Content has garnered over 2.7 million views

Liked, shared and commented on over 450,000 times

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The people who should care about this new format and channel are digital editors, social media editors, news editorial teams and producers. CityLeadr adds high impact public opinion content to arm any package, any article, any investigative piece or reflection of society direct from our towns and cities in bite-size content series.

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