5 Egg-scellent Easter campaigns and stunts

Posted on: 3rd April 2017 Advertising Easter
By now the preparation for your brand’s Easter campaign should be well under way, but it’s not too late to take inspiration from some cracking ideas from year’s gone by. We’ve picked out a five of our favourites to help get the creative juices flowing!
#AldiFavouriteThings (2016)

Aldi like to throw down. It doesn’t matter how big the brand, they’ll go toe-to-toe with them. Last Easter’s #AldiFavouriteThings campaign is a perfect example.

One element of the campaign aped Cadbury’s famous drumming gorilla advert from a decade ago while demonstrating how much cheaper Aldi’s products are when compared with the competition. Funny, and totally in keeping with the Aldi brand voice.

It was so good, readers of The Drum named it their favourite advert of the season. We can see why!

Tesco’s #FindTheEggs (2013)

Four years on, the idea of an online Easter egg hunt may feel a little staid but that’s only because Tesco knocked it out of the park with this outstanding effort.

By combining their contest with Google Street View, users were able to search their own streets for Easter eggs to be in with the chance of winning a range of prizes. Fun, easy to play and extremely addictive!

Channel 4’s Easter Eggs Live (2013)

While most campaigns will focus on chocolate and the anthropomorphic bunny that delivers it, Channel 4 decided to go down a different route in 2013 and take a very close look at eggs. The campaign featured two live, hour long broadcasts over Easter weekend but visit the website and you could watch a live-streams of a number of different eggs. Different!

If Carlsberg did Easter (2016)

How does a beer brand celebrate Easter? By creating a chocolate bar!

The pop-up pub was housed outside the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, was made up of half a tonne of chocolate and served half pints of Carlsberg in chocolate glasses. If only our local tasted as good…

Cadbury’s #EggsEverywhere (2016)

It’s no mystery that Cadbury are the kings of Easter, however it was their take on a famous myth that caught everyone’s attention in 2016. The chocolate maker placed three giant eggs in Loch Ness to mark the launch of the #EggsEverywhere campaign.

Memorable, magical but unfortunately for fans of Nessie the eggs were the only thing to make an appearance in the Loch that day.

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