Amidst the grievance and stress that coronavirus has brought upon the nation, in many ways it has united us. Country by country, city by city, village by village, people are working together to fight off the pandemic, and it’s the little moments – such as the ‘clap for carers’ – that we should focus on as positives throughout this situation.

26th March 2020, the nation was united together at 8pm to applause the NHS and coronavirus carers for their hard work towards fighting this global pandemic. Citizens were standing on their doorsteps, leaning out of windows or balconies to put their hands together – or pots and pans in some cases – in a united cheer, to thank our NHS.

Last week over 400,000 people – in just one day – volunteered to help the NHS in the upcoming months, which is 150,000 more than the original target. As well as people offering their hand on neighbouring apps or Facebook groups to those in need such as with the deliveries of food or even just a phone call to pass the time.

Social media ‘challenges’ have been trending across platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, a distraction from the constant discussions of Covid-19. The challenges are silly and fun, ranging from posting funny childhood photos, to nominating your mates to do as many press-ups as they can manage.

There is no doubt that there will be a surge of creativity during this time. Bafta-award-winning actress, Daisy May Cooper, who co-created and co-wrote the BBC series This Country with her brother Charlie Cooper, has taken to Instagram with ‘live stories’ to give out free scriptwriting sessions for anyone interested. While many other celebrities and influencers have been using the time to upload lots of new content such as live cooking sessions or fitness workouts from their gardens, allowing people to make the best of this time at home.

It is a very strange and difficult world at the moment, but one thing that has come from it is that at a time of crisis, there is a clear sense of a community that has pulled through. This used to be the ‘blitz spirit’, but perhaps that term is due for an update.


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