Sweden is rich with the advancement of technology, and in 2018 has come up with a way to make your day to day routine a little easier, by inserting microchips into the hand.

The chips carry all of your important information. For example, instead of a keycard for work or keys to get into your home or for your car, the chip can do it for you. It also carries your bank details and so can be another form of contactless payment.

“Having different cards and tokens verifying your identity to a bunch of different systems just doesn’t make sense.” Jowan Österlund, creator of the chip, and founder of Biohax International – the first chipping company.

Since the invention was created, 4000 (and growing) people have since switched to this seemingly much easier way of living. Imagine never having to worry about losing your keys again!

The device isn’t completely foolproof though, with many people feeling skeptical for different reasons. Firstly, due to some workplaces offering their employees free chips, people are uneasy about the possibility that a GPS tracker could be placed so that their whereabouts is monitored.

There is also no guarantee that the personal information on these chips will be completely secure, which has lead to dubiousness that it could be easily hacked into. However, Österlund said, “everything is hackable. But the reason to hack them will never be bigger because it’s a microchip. It’s harder for someone to get to, since you put it in you.”

Mostly though, the chip has been a success and continues to spread throughout Sweden.

Video posted by Brightside on Youtube and original article written by Maddy Savage on NPR

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