Tomas Gunnarsson is a Swedish photographer, feminist and gender identity activist. He claims he was a ‘provocateur’ throughout school, and when there were school photographs taken he would dress up as a woman for fun.

He started blogging as ‘The Gender Photographer’, campaigning against the sexist portrayal of women through photography. “I saw a void to be filled with this profession, with questions of how we portray men and women different.”

In this video by the Stories from Sweden series, Gunnarsson travels to photograph Johan Adolfsson, Head of Communications in Gävle county, Sweden. The photo’s he takes imitate the typical style of photo that is taken of a woman, with slightly sexual poses or stances, even with him lying upside down on a sofa with his legs hanging over the top.

“I think it’s more important than ever, to stand your ground and talk about why it’s important to not limit each other, not typecasting each other, reminding us that we can be whatever we want to be – resist reducing people into stereotypes”

He wants his images to be a part of the society where its down to the individual to describe what is masculine or feminine.

Original video posted by Sweden in their Stories From Sweden series on YouTube

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